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Monday, July 7, 2014

Anonymous Flowers.

I hung my first pieces for public view on Mayne Island. It is for the show "Hot Rocks".
It was pulled together by the Southern Gulf Island's Arts Council. I just joined.

The show was hung with haphazard community delight. The hanging committee had really not seen any of the work before it was brought into the showplace. Tim stayed with me and negotiated a really visible place for my work. It had lighting and could be seen soon after entering the door. He would only hang the work himself. I suggested that we just draw an instruction map and leave it. Nope. He was armed with measuring tapes and a complete hanging tool kit. He hip checked all other helpers out of the way. He parked me in a rocker near the window so I could see the sea and my work.

The opening happened on Saturday night. The Island residents and holiday people attended.  Music and spoken word. Wine and really good food. The deal was...you bring a potluck snack and wine...the cost of the opening shared. And it was fun.

George Bathgate showed his antlered mask. Jen Osh showed her lovely doll. Drew Ferneyhough showed his beautiful transmorphic paintings. Kat Ferneyhough did this delicious little sculpture made from paper

There were four pieces of my work from the series "Underground". Not for sale and not new.
I was shocked at how well received the work was. Tons of people talked to me, asked questions, asked to buy, asked where else I was showing and asked..."What is it?" "How is it?" People seen since I moved here but had not yet talked to offered me hugs and kind comments. Invited me to other things.

I got home and there was a bouquet of little yellow roses at the door.
No idea from who. Anonymous flowers.

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