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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Packaging It Up For Good.

I am in for emergency radiation in one week. On my upper spine.
To knock the tumour growth in my bones back and to stop this
endless pain.

The treatment has started already. It is going to be a lot more
difficult than the last treatment. Once again I have to find a balance point so
I can cope. Some days I really can't and have to find a starting all over point.

Femke van Delft is here to do many things including documenting my
work and experiments. My hidden corners. The process.

I have been asked to talk more about my life. ...

I wonder what it is responsible for me to reveal. This freezes my blood.
Does that mean I talk about what is hidden and things nearly forgotten?
Failures? Desires? Obsessions? Accomplishments?

I am really not ready for this but time is pretty close to the bone.

So all my stuff gets hauled out and discussed in an objective but passionate way which will
hopefully leave this  trace of me with a touch of meaning.

In the meantime I will try to wrap things up into a tidy little package.
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