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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Claire is setting up her spectacular show at the Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George this week and I am booked in to help her reinforce corners for her hanging systems.

Her work is spectacular!!! Enormous trees, personal landscapes, reflections of the natural worlds here and of her personal history. She has worked tirelessly on it for months and has created a show that has brought artists and others to tears with the moving beauty of the work.

I just feel really honored to be able to help her.

My own work will be debuted at the Chamber of Commerce Gallery Tour which is happening on Monday. The Good Eats will be the first gallery open and will also have a preview of the work for the St. George's Gallery.

Spent the last few days wrestling with insurance and bank officials. Things are rolling along but will not have interac and credit card machines for opening. Yeesh!

Gary, the owner of the St. George's Gallery, had not contacted me for weeks and I was getting very frustrated because parts of my business couldn't proceed without some information from him. Turns out that he had a very serious blood clot around the time I came up here and he ended up dying and being revived! He spent the last three weeks in hospital. Thankfully he is doing really well and has absolutely no memory of anything that happened to him. They can't find any permanent damage. His wife Sara, however, is completely traumatized.

Everything is being pulled together for opening on Monday.

Happy Mother's Day all!

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