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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Phone is Ringing

My phone is hooked up at the St. George's Gallery. They were able to hook it up from the office in Quesnel. I am so very thrilled! I am connected to the wide world again.

This morning I spent unpacking the St. George's Gallery and have now started to set up the proper working studio. I couldn't see my breath this morning and only had to put on my mits after being in there for an hour.

Mike Wallace came by and put in the new lock set for me this morning and I can now lock the Church properly. He has been really involved in setting up radio access for the community. He is looking for a transmitter to be able to set up a little radio station for the Wells area. Similar to the radio station we have in Vancouver for the ferries and tourist information but also to broadcast local programming. Any one have ideas?

Breakfast this morning at the Well's Hotel. Lorraine came in looking flustered and pink. She raises sled dogs and was feeding them when a large Grizzly bear decided to try and compete for the food. Grizzlies eat mostly dandelions this time of year. she feeds her dogs frozen meet and the sun was out and melting it. Even her dogs went quiet and she backed up quietly to get back to cabin. She lives five kilometers from here.

I have decided to take the bear aware course this week.

It is so funny people don't really fear bears that much here. I know they are lovely but not cuddly. I can negotiate my way around a knife packing junkie without a problem but have no idea what I would do if the door pushed in again.

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