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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lakes and Lanterns

I am home in Vancouver to do a workshop with the Public Dreams Society. They have given me the honour of designing and creating a series of lantern sculptures for the beautiful Illuminaires Festival at Trout Lake. I will work with thier volunteers and staff to accomplish an installation at the lake.

Subject matter is the microscopic, the fragile and the environment around the Sea to Sky route to the Olympics. There will be a myth created about Ascaphus Truei, my favourite little tailess froggy. Rumour has it that there are dancers, a guy with a bike providing electricity through a human powered generator, and a musician playing ancient Austrailian wind instruments.

The bus trip down from Wells was glorious. The weather was neither too hot or too cold. The landscape was just beautiful. The bus driver was friendly and kind. The food wasn't even horrible.

So ,flu or not, I immerse myself in paper mache glue today. Will also show others how to rip, tear, slash and burn.

Then for cosy cuddles with my old chum Tim!!! Hot and Sour Soup sounds good.

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