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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Road To HELL

Well....all I can say is that my trip home was from hell!!!!

Picture a bad cold, a lost purse, locations with no restrooms, everyone with head music on a different channel, a cranky two year old behind me who had just learned to spit like a dock worker, a screaming and exhausted baby whose mom didn't help by scolding her, a gaseous octogenarian whose chair kept flipping back on my already sore knee and a little boy with Down Syndrome who repeated one or two words over and over again from Vancouver to Quesnel.

Thankfully Laurie was there to pick me up and drag me for dinner. Pasta never tasted so good.
Groceries then home.

The biggest thrill was that we got to encounter a newborn moose with her aggressive and protective momma. We were in a little, little car and the moose thought she could take us. Laurie saved the day again and was savvy enough that the moose allowed us to pass.

I arrived at the Good Eats long enough to collapse after looking around at the beautiful bog and the sunset.

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