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Sunday, June 28, 2009

What a Ball!!!

I had an absolute ball over the last two days. the workshop-work parties turned out to be very productive despite the fact I had a ferocious cold. Tons of work was accomplished as I floated around in a daze trying to keep track of what I was trying to accomplish.

The wonderkind from the Public Dreams Society turned out to be efficient and creative with work ethics as long as your arm. It was wonderful to meet with Jody, Kirsten and Rachel. They ran around and pulled together tons of work from long distance and also were the most accomplished papier machers.

Each work party had amazing artists. Cara Manning came. She worked with me during the winter at Williams St Studios. Karen Barnaby, the chef , showed up to help with a stream of other artists. Everyone brought delicious food and I had my first taste of basil since I left for the North. Fritatta, strawberries, cous cous with lemon grass and tons of nuts and fruit, muffins and cookies, Fresh berries of every kind and yumcious cherries. There was even Chinese dim sum buns and lovely things to drink and eat with cheeses and fresh pears. Chefs turned into terrific extreme textile artists and artists turned into fabulous cooks.

We worked hard and made dozens of complex lanterns for the installation for the Illuminaires Festival at Trout Lake. We made salmon eggs, ascaphus truei eggs and umbilical cords, mushrooms and cocoons. We also made stalks and stems and talked about inspiring nature and ways of working.

I felt extremely humbled by the capacities of everyone who showed up. I got to learn new things and try out old skills and pass them on. I heard about projects, grants, artist residencies and got to connect with old friends like Fay Logie and Haruko Okana.

I will talk later about how awestruck I felt while working with humble paper and glue. And about how exciting it was to play with a cadre of skills and wonderful women. Imagine that I actually get paid to do this!!!

It is now late and I have one more evening in my little Vancouver house. I leave for the bus to Wells early in the morning and I have to wash my clothes because I want to use my own washing machine and not have to hand wash or drag things up and down mountain roads to the little laundromat in Wells.

It is going to be hard to leave tomorrow but I really do love what has happened for me in Wells. I am reminded that Vancouver is my home. Wells is a place that just dances in my heart.

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