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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another New Eye!

My other new eye is now in place. The surgery was a little more difficult than the last one as there were one or two glitches. There was extra tissue in the eye that now has to be looked at with the big machines. I was concious. Was last time too but last time it didn't hurt. This time it did. They were teaching with instruments in my eye and I found it quite unnerving.
Also found it more than unnerving when the surgeon said,"Remember when I told you about unusual complications... this is what I was talking about. Quick get me her medications list and Where is that bag I wanted? I want it NOW!!!" GAHHHH!

I am home and I am not in any pain. No pain killers needed.

Opened the patch and then there was vision. Double vision. Should be gone in a day or two. But I saw the colour fuschia and it doesn't look anything like coffee! I can see both far away and up close!

I loves modern medicine. Now for healing meditation and my herbal tea.

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