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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Images from Double Vision- Morphos Inquiry

Double Vision -Morphos Inquiry Patricia Chauncey and Hilary Young 2010

Morphos Inquiry 2010 Wasp paper, rice paper, resin forms and stitching

Soiled Patricia Chauncey 2010 authentic Victorian slippers hand stitched, soil and copper dyed, beaded in glass globe
Tiny domes in antique Chinese box Patricia Chauncey 2010 gathered deceased insects including flys, wasps, cocoons from Monarch butterflies, silkworms larvae and clothes moths encased in resin. Box wrapped in skeleton leaf paper.

Angel Casket Patricia Chauncey 2010 pet bird molted feathers, polyester extreme process, beading, applique, cardboard box
Hair Jewelry Patricia Chauncey 2010 artist's hair lost during chemo therapy, stitching, knotting, beading, brass, Wells butterfly deceased during mating frenzy, silk, stitching, resin casting

Collection of sculptural objects Patricia Chauncey 2010 resin, silk screening, felting, stitching, heat processed felt, wasp paper, wire, beading, tyvek, acrylic paint, plastic, cast paper, painting, glass globes and antique table.

Matilda's Wrist Patricia Chauncey 2010 beading, silk screening, stitching. hand and machine embroidery, silk chiffon, pearls, antique jeweled buttons and heat processed acrylic felt
Insect Buttons Patricia Chauncey 2010 beading, natural dyed silk, phototransferred antique insect images
Rescue Kit Patricia Chauncey 2010 beading , applique, stitching, natural dyed silk, pearls, antique insect imagery photo transferred, sewing pins, molted pet bird feathers, pattern revised from antique traveller's repair kit.

Here are some of the photographs from the Double Vision Morphos Inquiry show that just finished today at Numen Gallery. I post more later. All of the photographs were done by Scott Pownall.

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