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Friday, February 19, 2010

View Master

The world looks like I got a brand new View Master. Everything is back lit and in supreme colour and detail. I just keep looking at everything.

Red is not red . It is scarlet, bloody, maroon, wine, pumpkin and super heated. Blue is not blue it is cobalt, turquoise, baltic, robin's egg and indigo. Yellow is almost blinding and the new neons are almost too much to look at altogether.

The double vision is almost gone with a touch of shadowing. Focus, focus, focus.

Everything in here needs dusting or a cleaning. What I thought was a little grime ain't.

Three and one half weeks to go and I won't even need the medicine.

Life is sure something!


Anonymous said...

what happened to me after cataract surgery is that I noticed that the carefully painted hallway in my house was not so carefully painted. There were spots all over that had been missed. I couldn't believe that my eyes were that bad! I haven't repainted yet but am reminded every time I go up to bed that it needs to be repainted,,,lol

Deb said...

It will be interesting to see the impact this change has on your work.

material witness said...

Does this mean I have to close my eyes to enable me to ignore things like dust and nasty paint jobs? I was quite shocked when I looked in the mirror today. I thought I was still a classic blonde peach and it turns out I am more like Nana!
Worse yet...I am sleeping with this older man! I hope Tim doesn't find out!