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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Digging Underground

Photograph taken underground with a cel phone!

I spent last weekend crawling around an old mine at Britannia Beach. Underground...all soggy, dark and spooky. The same mine tunnel where the new Red Riding Hood was just filmed.

There was so much inspiration to the point of overload.

I have submitted a proposal for a show there this summer.

Today we went for dim sum with Frank, Anna and Karen. I gave Anna a small piece of calcite and we both learned that calcite double refracts. Frank is fascinated with gemology and got talking stones.

Tim and I spent the weekend creating frames and shadow boxes. Mostly he did the work and I told him what to do. He is on his home week and leaves for the North in the morning clothed in double long johns!

The frame thing is important because I have just costed out that part of art making and realise that framing costs at least twice what the art work costs me to make! I am always being asked to throw in frames with a sale. No longer!

Contact Quesnel this week and start artist statements and photos.

I started my new medication recently and am actually experiencing pain free days for the first time in eight years. Energy up. Mood pretty stable. Creative urges uninterrupted!

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