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Saturday, March 12, 2011

No Words

Source of this photo is unknown but is perfect for what I feel. Thank you to who-ever took it.

I checked through many of the posts I usually read and have discovered that many people are wordless in the last two days.

I spent two days wordless.

There isn't a single thing to say about how very sad I feel about what has happened in Japan.
Part of me is now broken.

A few people from Japan check into this little blog. Personal inspiration comes from artists like Yayoi Kusuma, Issey Miyake and many others. Please be safe. Exchange students have stayed in my home and one beautiful boy named Kimataka is from an island that appears to have been wiped out. Please be safe. Setsuko, Mariko, Zen, Mas, Yuriko...please be safe!

Tim said,"This world is so big and I feel so small."