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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thar She Blows

I have this thing about wind. I am afraid of it. When I was a little child my family experienced Hurricane Hazel. I lived on a boat once and was caught in a ferocious gale that tore boats away from moorings and roofs of boat houses. The Prairies had Chinook winds that made my spine crawl.

This is not an illogical fear. It is just out of proportion. It just keeps me awake and on the edge of my chair.

Vancouver has wind warnings this morning. Expected wind speeds are between 80 - 100 kilometers an hour. Power is out all over the place. There is a huge an unkempt old cherry tree in the neighbours yard that is starting to wave about. There is a rickety old power line in front of the house.

I couldn't sleep and ended up packing emergency bags with lighters, candles, plastic garbage bags, changes of socks and mitts. I put food and water, hiking boots, blankets and medical stuff in my wheelie cart. I also tidied the house and finished the laundry. When I finally fell asleep I kept the radio on only to wake up to hear my husband's old work place had a chlorine leak and that it had been evacuated. I thought I was dreaming but I wasn't. It took me a minute to remember that he was fine and up in Fort Nelson.

Fear is an interesting thing. Things are rarely as bad as we expect them to be.

The wind has speeded up. My ivy is shaking and so are the power lines. I think I will just turn up Janis Joplin and draw the drapes and keep sewing all these components for my next show.

I am ready for the worst!


arlee said...

i hope the worst is past and that you are okay--and got a lot of stitching done :)

material witness said...

The wind just kinda farted in and out. Nothing to write home about at all. The Island got the worst of it.
I am packed and ready to go for next time.

I did do some paper casting, used the Embellisher on some three dimensionals and drew a little. Then drugged myself and had a very long sleep.

Thanks for your concern A.B.