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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Better News

I went into the Cancer Clinic yesterday to go for my surgery consult. I met with Cyrus and my Onc-Gyn Dr. Miller. I was expecting the worst, as per usual. Didn't happen though.

The Onc-Gyn and Cyrus, the Fellow, went through my heavy and extensive file and interviewed me in detail. I climbed up on the examination table like an old tart and felt very overwhelmed.
I had been on the same table when I was sicker than this, looking at the ceiling, hearing the paper covering rustling under me. I welled up and thought that I would rather be anywhere else, like cleaning toilets, chopping wood or shovelling out a barn.

Cyrus, who was pleasant and handsome, left and came back with Onc-Gyn who said she didn't want to do surgery. She had just done a seminar that showed the changes I am experiencing. It looked like a combination of factors relating to a cancer drug I took. Another side effect. Not a fatal one. She took a biopsy of my uterine wall. Not too pleasant but tolerable. She explained every step to me, every instrument. They will call me with follow-up. I will do the hormone blockers and see if that makes me feel better and get skinnier. She will start to follow me carefully again. Again!

I forgot to ask if I could bring Cyrus home with me but remembered that it wasn't polite to ask and that any impulse like that was probably just another side effect. Oh well!

Very, very glad Tim is home.

Polly is healing. Celine had a good surgery and should be home tomorrow.

The new drug is supposed to make me sweet. Good God! I have never been sweet or meek! It is also supposed to make it easier to ignore my more lascivious nature. I hope it doesn't turn me into a perogie on a plate. I wonder what it will be like to finally retire this old "Slut for Social Justice"( a band I was once in)

Not now...I have a headache and still feel like crap.


Christine Hatfull said...

But my darling you are sweet like one of my Red River Hearts. Thanks for the message and I miss you (also Camilla, my mom and my choir). I have moved again which is a long story waiting for a proper visit. I cannot believe I miss Vancouver so much. It is thrilling to hear you are being treated with dignity and intelligence. Hope springs eternal for us all. Call me sometime. Love and kisses, Christine xxoo.

material witness said...

So glad to hear from you. I was about to send out the Winnipeg Brigade to seek you out!
E-mail me if you if you can.
I can't find your new number.
I think I am heading out Winnipeg way because I miss my son.