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Monday, February 7, 2011

Arlee Barr

This work is all by Arlee Barr. I shamelessly stole the images from her blog!

One of the most creative and prolific Canadian textile artists is Arlee Barr. I have such a hard time believing we didn't hang out together in the distant past.

Arlee is the bravest thing. Her curiosity regarding textile transformation and her unbelievable work ethic are completely overwhelming. I have watched her blogs and her progress over a number of years now and often start my day reading about her delightful and completely generous and uninhibited progress. She shows everything, warts and all, and transforms creative accidents into marvels. She also shows a range of expertise and skill that is to dye for.

Her current work appears to be a magnificent series of natural printing and dyeing experiments that all look successful. They are drop to your knees beautiful.

I don't know if she sleeps or has time to eat. I just know that I rely on her beautiful work and charming writing to get on with my days.

Do yourself a big favour and put on your seat belt and check out the work on her blog http://albedoarlee.wordpress.com


Deb said...

I can only second that.

arlee said...

P, Yer Shameless :) As am i and i thanks you profusely from the bottom of my wizened little heart.

i bet if you and Deb and i got together, the world would tilt on its art axis ass!

material witness said...

No doubt!!! Too fun!