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Monday, February 7, 2011

I woke up this morning virtually pain free for the first time in two months. Don't have a clue why
except for a new vitamin regime. No matter I will take it without question.

Went for a wonderful walk in the breezy, warm day. Bought some meal worms for my pitcher plant. They were live and wriggling and looking more like pets than food for a plant.

This lead me to my trauma for the day.

I approached said hungry bit of botany and tilted it's gaping maw forward to receive sustenance. I am used to feeding babies. It splashed me with the fluid held in it's deep pitcher. I gingerly pinched the worm and proceeded to drop it in. A hit and a wriggling miss! Again...same thing. I crawled around the floor to retrieve the beasties and could not locate them. Tried again. Same thing. Double loud shite!

One more try and bingo. Said worm dropped into the hole and the trauma took place. I could hear it splashing around in there! The long pitcher made an echo chamber. The splashing continued and I decided to rescue the worm but the pitcher was too narrow and long so I had to listen until the little worm perished.

I have decided my next purchase will be vegetarian vegetation.

In the meantime I have a little container of meal worms waiting to feed the carnivorous beast plant.

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