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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Photos of Stanley Park Lichen, moss and bark. Feb. 2011 Tim Hurley

I have been huddling over my sewing machine, boiling pot and Embellisher for the last few days
creating little lumps of lichen life for the Quesnel show in the early summer. I can go for about two hours with a two hour rest before my arm decides to rule again. I pay attention to the body twitches and go for walks in the rest time.

It is transition season here. The nights are frosty but no snow or rain for days. The sky is shocking turquoise and robins squawked me awake. I love walking this time of year because things are in transition. Lazy gardeners like me left leaves out last fall and they have transformed to a leathery, rotting glory. The veins show in the leaves and faded flowers reveal all their inner workings. Dead things being pushed aside by aggressive infants wanting attention and a turn of their own.

I walked out of the house this morning and almost in unison there was a parade of middle aged women from the street to walk creaking appendages. All looked up at the sky. The sky is so beautiful after months of pouring rain and grey gloom. All were breathing deep to expel the mold we get around here in winter. Real air. Still crisp. There was a herd of young men at the coffee shop vying for places in the outside patio. Some were shivering because it is not yet warm but there they sat despite cold bums calling to one another like the horny robins. I like the way people dress this time of year. They can't decide. Woolies and optimistic spring things, clunky boots with flowered things, parkas and cut-offs.

The big spring rains will come soon. But so, again, will summer.

My time is so private right now. Tim is in Fort Nelson and the kids are all really busy. I have been enjoying this time alone. I like my own company most days. I like to nap. I like getting up in the middle of the night to work or read or sit on the stairs outside. I like CBC late at night when people from all over the world get interviewed about interesting things. I like reading a whole book and only having to stop when I need to pee or get hungry.

I thought about the book The Little Prince. He lived on a planet mostly alone except for a plant. His plant wasn't carnivorous like mine. I think I might like that. If I could take my plant. And there were birds around. And bugs. And a grocery store.

I grew up in a house crawling with people and my quest as a child was to find somewhere to be alone. Tim and I had four children collectively. My life has always been filled with people. Mostly male people. Lively and loud people.

Come to think of it...I actually miss them all.

Scott came over a couple days ago and is helping me design a web page. It should have enough whistles and pings to amuse me and will showcase my work in a more professional way. There are so many fun things to do with a web page now.

I currently have the creative hots for Nick Bantock again. I watched a film about him the other night and I dragged out his books. I had no idea I had so many of them. His ability to layer and communicate is delicious. His work is complex without looking like goop. It kicks off my imagination. I found out he lives on an island near here and that some of his work is for sale and that he has been giving workshops. I will found out where and when.

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