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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pounding Winter Rain

It is pouring outside. Roof pounding rain that was loud enough to wake me up a few times last night. So I am wrestling with the morning. I know I need to get out of bed but it is not very appealing out there. I had planned on getting up and scooting over to the "Drive" for some kind of caffiene concoction before I tackled more organizing and filing. No desire at all to deal with sloppy, cold rain. No huge desire to sort out income tax stuff either.

My step-sis is now out of Egypt with her little boys. They were allowed to take a small carry-on each and had to leave her home and the cats behind. She also had to leave her horses. The situation is so difficult and unpredictable that evacuations are now in progress. She doesn't know what will happen to the orphanage she is attached to or to her Egyptian friends.

Two more weeks until I am back in the Cancer Clinic. Things haven't been going very well. My testing has now shown a new tumour in my uterus, a very thickened endometrial wall and a very enlarged ovary. My free testosterone and androgen counts are over the moon high. Normal woman is 10 or so. Normal man is 40 or so. Mine range from 52 to 82. I have also been feeling very sick since the "Crawl" in November. Mostly problems with muscle pain, nausea and swelling. I spent a few weeks in a drugged stupor but have been able to cook healthy, go for walks and make some art.

Tim has dragged home some of my machines from the studio. The house is set up more art studio than it has been in years. I have just been finding it too difficult to go down to Williams Street.

Most mornings are my power time. I get up and sit down at the Embellisher and have been creating some intriguing three dimensionals and components for my Quesnel show. Gayla gave me an antique campaign chest which has all these cool drawers. They are thin, long and deep and hold my collections in a wonderful way. I can put tons of inspirational objects in a drawer, arrange them in a pleasing way and still have a table top to work on. Stuff will not get crunched by moving it all over the place.

My wonderful friend has also been diagnosed with breast cancer in the last two weeks. Double whammy! A complete shock because she is so young and the tumour is large. I have been able to share some of my experience with her. Her attitude is fabulous. This is her first rodeo and she is healthy otherwise and with a wonderful, supportive husband. For a number of reasons Vancouver has the highest survival rate in the world. Her odds are very good.

Tim is back up north where I want to be. He is surviving the more extreme part of the winter and phones obsessing about curries and stews. He is making new friends and is working impossible hours on a 21 day shift. I had planned to be there now for a few weeks but am drowning under appointments with docs and labs. I have encouraged him to stay there because the money is good and he is really thriving. He has himself to heal and needs room to do that for awhile. He comes back for one week a month and that has been great. His PSA came back at zero!!! No cancer showing anywhere. He looks great and is really regaining his vitality.

Didn't mean for this to sound like an episode of General Hospital but that is my life right now.

Do me a favour and check your boobs!

P.S. Go get the new India Flint book....To dye for!

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