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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thimble Gardens

It is a beautiful pre-spring day in Vancouver. The wind is trying hard to blow away the winter or at least give it a little break. A robin popped into the holly bush this morning and the crocuses are trying to shove out of the frozen ground. I have been trapped in the house for weeks not feeling well so watching out my window is perfect.

Inspired by the thought of tiny holdings and plantings. Planting in tiny crevices and cracks, filling little objects with miniature gardens. Patrick Lane, the poet, once told the story of a friend who planted gardens in thimbles and kept hope alive by watering them each day with a single drop of water from an eye dropper. I was struck by the simple act and his description. Always wanted to do it.

These lovely gardens were made by Toronto artist knitilatte and are shown on etsy.

1 comment:

timhurleyathome said...

Plant pots for dollhouses.

Easier to weed than window boxes or our garden.