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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stomach Contents

I was just thinking about stomachs and about what to eat when I ran into this image from Wikipedia via Art Propelled.

Here is one of those odd medical collection shadow boxes I am so fascinated with. This one hit my dyer's bone. It is not an artwork but a collection from the stomach contents of someone with Pica Disorder.

Talk about that feeling of lead in the belly!


iNdi@na said...

thanks for swinging by and leaving your contribution to the farming debate

was a bonus following the trail back here and seeing this remarkable collection

material witness said...

I thought of your beautiful leaves and realized that the medical worker who placed the objects had such a design sense. I spend time placing objects all over cloth and just wait to see what will come. Look at the cloth underneath. Imagine the designs underneath.

And I am so sad for small farmers.