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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fear Falls First

I am one of those people who relates to some technology and not to others. I can run a mean sewing machine, work Embellishers, heat presses and heat tools but have been terrified of cameras and learning new computer programs. This is not appropriate anymore because artists need these tools everyday now.

The truth is that these tools are designed to be simple. They are designed to enhance visual information and to make life easier. I spent today encouraging myself to become more skilled and felt some of my techno-dependency slip away. I did it and only called for assistance once.
Not so bad at all.

The programs I learned to edit on aren't yet installed in my computer. Tomorrow means learning something new again and practising what was learned.

First effort is revealed above.


arlee said...

A necessary skill---and i am having problems with the new Nikon--i want to be the boss, not it :)

material witness said...

The Gods of all things Mechanical will never let that happen!

iNdi@na said...

thanks for swinging by and leaving a comment