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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Revolution

Oh goodness. I actually have a wee headache from too much holiday.

I have discovered that it is not a good idea to change blog design and format late at night after a drinkey or two. Looked great last night. Looked like the remains at the dog park this morning.

Happy New Year.

I am just thrilled to have lived another year. It looks like I will probably live through this year as well. Sounds strange but I am one of those people who was given a time stamp on life a few years back. I was diagnosed with breast cancer that had gone to my lymph nodes. I wasn't able to take the adjuvant therapy but did do chemo and radiation. So I am still here and each new day still surprises me.

Today as I was checking the stats on this little blog I discovered a link to the Opus Blog and found a wonderful article on the East Side Culture Crawl written by Chris Tyrell. He mentioned me and my studio. He also wrote a little thing about me in his blog. He exposed my organization challenges but talked about my art and his responses to it. What an absolutely great way to start the new year!

Chris Tyrell is a legend in Vancouver. He has helped create Vancouver into an art town. His persistence and hard work have allowed people who might never have been noticed participate and practise. I have saved his columns for years and have relied on his practical and thoughtful advice. Now I have discovered his blog and probably won't crawl out for days. Enjoy both http://opusframing.com/ and at http://visualartmerchandising.blogspot.com

Happy New Year all.
and live long and prosper!


arlee said...

What a valuable link and nice to see your name there too!

Just what i needed to understand how to write my proposals

material witness said...

Good luck with the grant proposals. Chris has written some stuff on that. Also check out CARFAC and the Arts Alliance.