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Friday, December 31, 2010

Exit 2010

The last day of the old year has arrived. It is New Year's Eve and the sun is shining in Vancouver. Everything is lightly kissed by frost. Each little leaf is outlined in white.

The possibility of a New Year excites me. I am full of ideas and dreams. I am dealing with health problems as always but my energy is intact despite taking pain medication and having a harder time walking.

Tim and I are outlining plans to return to a less urban life at least part-time for now. I want more space to work and experiment. I want to play in the land and observe the seasonal changes. I want to lay out yards of cloth and let them absorb the colours of the earth. I want to dig deep and build high and make lots of noise. I want to invite friends to do the same.

New things are happening. I have been invited to go on a play date with a very inspired artist in Seattle. I am doing a show up country. I am going for a short journey to Mexico. I might be moving again.

My one resolution is to be open to life and to let fear fall.

I thought of something from my Unitarian exploration. I can't do everything but I can do one thing.

Happy New Year. Do just one thing to make this world just a little happier.


arlee said...

The sky this mornning is pink as hollyhocks and blue as indigo in great swirling circles, a good harbinger i think---all the best of the new year, a newer life process and a new decade to you!

arlee said...

Oh, and if i could get those ferns eco-printed, that would be bliss! I wonder what would happen with frozen vegetation?

material witness said...

Frozen vegetation works great as either a positive or negative stencil dor your screen. They can be hammered into alum soaked silk, wool or cotton.
Bracken aka fern is an old dye in Britain and with the Aboriginal dyers.
Freezing just brings out further unexpected qualities.
Happy New Year Arlee B.
Keep inspiring!