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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Funny Christmas

Christmas is here. We are as ready as we will ever be. Food is cooking.
We are having quail, duck and turkey. Homemade cranberry sauce with orange and ginger, wild rice salad with apricots, sweet potato salad, brussel sprouts, chocolate pecan tarts, fruitcake, trifle, wild salmon, lime curd tarts, mixed field green salad with mustard dressing, pickled spicy eggplant and sheep pecarino wine soaked cheese.

How in blazes do you milk a sheep?

I am sitting here playing with my new lap top and reading Andy Goldsworthy in my new Chinese silk jacket. I have my sweetie sipping coffee next to me. Stephen, Brendan, Megan. Hilary, Jim, Roy, Juliet, Gayla and Daniel will arrive later in the day. My brother Geo might come if we are very lucky.

This is an abundant year. We have good neighbours, good friends and wonderful offspring. Our city has been voted one of the most livable in the world. This year we are still well enough to enjoy it.

The best part of today is the simple, quiet morning part. Or maybe just the Bailey's in my coffee.

Have a lovely day wherever you are!

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