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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back To It

A day or two to rest. It worked. Woke up with a head full of new ideas.

Looked at Arlee Barr's new rusted and natural dyed work and remembered how important persistence is. She describes the importance of experiment and feels that most of her work is not successful. Arlee is a dynamo and brave. She understands the concept of mastery. Her works shows her effort and curiosity.

Bruce Elkin has spent the last few articles describing the importance of ritual in the creative habit. Good work doesn't just require imagination and occasional effort. Mastery requires those ideas practised over and over again. A space, a time to do, a habit, a consistent effort, a rhythm that becomes a need.

I have been intermittent with my effort. Lots gets done. I can do better and more. Something has happened to my habit. This morning my body missed doing work. The effort put out over the last few months has translated into a creative need again.

After spending a few years learning, I want to sift through my skills and effort and become more selective. I don't need to show my practise steps anymore.

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