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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wolf Kill

Tim is home. I am feeling a little better. Could be the chocolate or the cuddles.

We sent packages East today. One for Tim's brother and father and one for Dane. Also went for Dim Sum and managed a MSG overdose. Good tasting not good feeling.

Tim pulled out some beautiful ornaments from a craft fair
in Fort Nelson. They are turned wood and almost look European. Very, very pretty. He also brought some beautiful turned horn candle sticks.

He went to pick up something in Fort Nelson midday and looked over to the side of the highway and saw a huge carcass of an animal. He looked closer and realized it was probably a moose or large deer that was being torn apart by a large wolf. He thought about stopping the truck for a photograph. Something primal stopped him. "I am not watching this in a movie but in real life in the cold forest. With no one else on the road right now!" "A wolf kill!" The animals worked on the body for days. Food for everyone. The wolves, coyotes, ravens. Even little mice chew on the horns. He will look for the bones when he gets back but probably won't go get them.

Both of us researched wolf attacks. We both felt that wolves were vulnerable and afraid of people. There are records of wolf encounters. I have only seen them four or five times and am always shocked at how large they are. Huge heads. Long legs. Strong and substantial. Not vegetarians.

I want to get back up there before the winter is finished but am a little afraid of my health right now.

The lunar eclipse happened tonight. Solstice. Not another like this for more than 300 years. The clouds concealed most of the action. I stood on the porch in my nightgown and absorbed the amazing, strange light. I wonder what it was like in Wells or Fort Nelson.

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