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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another Christmas

Tim and I are all tucked in tonight. It is a hard, windy and rainy Vancouver evening.
We haven't put up a tree but one wreath with tiny lights in the window. A few little cut out snowflakes and Christmas oranges.

Chris and Vashti sent incredible baking. Chris started doing this when I was in chemo and has done it every year since. Delicious. More delicious every year.

Bren and Meg took the bus to Kelowna to be with her mom and father. The highway was blocked for hours but they made it. Meg's family are extreme Christmas people. Thankfully they are also Irish so I sent them a remotely controlled whoopee cushion. I also sent them an analogue back-up .

Everyone else gets socks. (not really)

I wish I was a more benign person. Will work on that. Don't always like being the center of things. Guess it is a Mama's role. If there is a Mama's role. I want to fit into the crowd, to function in solidarity, to be a dime a dozen, or be more forgettable. Not a contemporary way of being where we all have to be stars that shine!

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