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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fall On Face

Both my computer and I fell on our faces in the last few weeks. I was sick and the computer hit the floor from a high bed.

I have been seeing specialists again and have been wrestling with the medical system. Turns out the stress I have been experiencing is really a heavy duty hormonal imbalance. I usually do pretty well with stress but this laid me out flat. I hadn't been able to sleep or eat much. My pain levels went over the moon. I couldn't really walk. Something got left and either I or the Doctor left it. Hopefully not too bad.

I have now been liberated of more than twelve vials of blood. All revealed something interesting. Have to wait until mid-January for ultra sounds.

Friends brought food and company. I mostly slept.

Hilary's Jim spent at least a week trying to fix the poor "puter. Dead as a doornail. Kaput.

No children in town for Christmas. Bren and Meg will come in later Christmas Day and we will try to round up Steph. He usually works the ambulances and extra shifts. Tim is home tonight from Fort Nelson.

Managed to cut out some paper snowflakes. They always cheer me up. One of the first activities I remember doing.

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