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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time For Quiet

Harvest from the garden. Mountain blackberries and first groundfall apples of the year. Tiny heritage apples called Lady Apples I think. Taste like apples soaked in honey.

I spent a long and relaxed day today just indulging myself. Didn't think about a thing unless it pleased me. Such a complete luxury to have a day or two with little to do except make myself happy.

Meditated, ate fresh veggies and sucked on home-made iced coffee and blueberry-ginger ice tea.

Even had a nap with the window open so the breeze made everything sweet.

My little garden is now ready for winter planting. The apples have started to fall and the blackberries are so fat the canes are bending. I can sit on the deck now and smell some of the flowering herbs. I am a junkie for the combined fragrance of basil and roses.

Textiles didn't get made. My sketchbook was completely ignored. It can all wait until tomorrow.

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