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Monday, May 13, 2013

Heavy Heart

  Busy and hard reality last week. I got my injection which laid me on the floor for a few days. Saw my oncologst who gave me mixed news regarding my health status. The breast cancer has been held at bay and the tumours have shrunk measurably. I am amazed because I have been feelng really awful.

I listed the Vancouver house, found a new artist for my studio and rented out small talk Gallery for the summer.  It is now in serious negotiation for the sale in October.  All brought tears to my eyes. All these changes will be complete in a month or two.

Tim and  I packed up another truck load and have arrived back on Mayne Island wth frends Ayzia and Katherine. My new comfy couches have arrived. The rest of the house contents are now here.

Next truckload is the rest of my studio.

  So I am here for the rest of the summer. It is my new country home.

Deer One went crashing into the bush. He isn't so sure of these other beings.


ArtPropelled said...

What to say? I've deleted my comment a few times .... Just know I'm thinking of you and wish you all the strength you need to keep this cancer at bay.

material witness said...

Thank you Robyn. It occured to me how very happy I am. None of my art is being made for profit anymore. It is being made for pure joy.

I have had help this week setting up my new studio which looks over Sweethaven Farm and the forest beyond. There is so much to discover here. I feel so lucky.

Your beautiful blog reminds me of the connections we all have as artists.

I am feeling pretty well right now and have been excited by planting things this spring. My energies have definately changed but things are more focused and clear. It is nearly 12 years. I am still standing and trucking on.

I am so glad you are back to writing your blog. And that you had such an inspiring break.