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Friday, May 17, 2013

Silent Places

There are little hidden places all over Sweethaven Farm. Musty little caverns, cracks in walls all through the wood shed that reveal soft and glowing objects. Bone, powdery mould, rotten things, crumbing surfaces and soft little amorphous beings.

I found a little cave or burrough. The mushroom was growing in it's entrance. Earth smells exaggerated.

The bark has many subtle colours and came from the kindling pile.

People wonder why I don't use lots more colour in my work and I am stunned. There are a hundred colours of white, grey and a thousand browns from fawn to chestnut. I am lucky in that I see those colours.
This makes my husband laugh. He says he once saw the primaries and black and white and was completely confused when he'd be looking for something from me and I'd ask him to find me the baltic blue one that has a touch of maroon. He went to describe his yellow t-shirt last weekend and when asked the colour he said a soft yellow that was a cool yellow that leaned to the taupe. My influence there.

I thought about people who dream in black and white. What whites? What blacks? The variations are endless! I wondered if I dreamt in a thousand tints of black and white. And why that was considered lacking creativity.

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