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Monday, March 24, 2014

Good Birthday

I had a lovely birthday this year and it has continued for a few days.

My sweet husband came early from work and took me out to the lovely Bennett Bay Bistro for an amazing dinner overlooking the beautiful Mayne Island seaside. Maggie brought champagne. Astrid gave me homemade bottles of wine, bagels and dye moss. Pamela gave me tulips and daffodils. Calls and e-mails from all over including serenades from family, friends, old co-workers and people I want to know better.

Overwhelmed but feeling loved.

Gayla took me for labs today, dim sum, the beach, the wool store, the antique store and let me measure my new apartment which is in her house. My last Vancouver address. My niece up the street. The lake less than a block away. A wheelchair accessible entrance and a beautiful garden. Cherry  trees, an herb garden and an art studio. Quiet and with lots of light. I have visited this house for more than thirty years. My son lived here before it was redone. And was nursed here when he was a newborn. All of them enjoyed the love from being here. It is the home I waited for a long time.

I have Sweethaven and now a little home in Vancouver for Tim and me. He will not be alone when I am not here.
Wormwood found on beach walk.

Wormwood gathered up in my favourite shawl.

More cake tomorrow . 

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