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Friday, March 14, 2014

Rattle and Shake

I guess the radiation caught up with me. I am more tired than ever.
Latest cancer news is shite. This drug may not be working and the tumours in my chest have grown quite a bit. My cancer numbers are up. For the first time I am not popping back.

Hoping to go to a demonstration about ferry cutbacks in Victoria tomorrow with River and other new friends from Mayne Island.  River found a lovely restaurant for lunch. He is driving all of us in my car. Excited to spend time with politicos again. And to do something that might get heard or at least inspire others to use their voice.

Yesterday I had three different people just drop by. Something I love. People don't take off their shoes here. Something else I love. And they all seem to choose the same chair to sit in.  Near the fire. And everyone who visits has ideas regarding how we can use this big house. I'm glad.  They come for just the right amount of time and then leave. Yesterday I got scones, soup, cookies and cheese buns. So they bring things and do things that are helpful. Gord towed an old  car away and found it a new purpose, River showed me what to do about power and Anita dropped presents and drove Tim to the ferry and all the way home to the house in Vancouver.

Last week there was a "HOOT" in the Ag Hall.  Very old friends were there from Vancouver with a band called the "RESISTERS".  The music was great. The people at my table were great. I kept nodding off because of the cancer drug combo. They made sure I didn't slide to the floor. Even when I started to slide during an incredibly loud electric guitar roar.

I guess my new definition of friendship is those who wait to catch me right before impact or at least don't make the fall any harder.

Yesterday I got a beautiful new bed from Jeremy and Sus. It is a 19th century brass and enamel canopy bed that fits perfectly in my room. The bed came from Hard Scrabble Farm and looks European. It is old, lovely and a perfect place to lay to look out the window while surrounded by Sweethaven.

The bed was dismantled and fit nicely in the car. They labeled all the parts and showed us how to take it apart and put it back together. So intricately and practically engineered. It doesn't rattle and shake. It makes me wonder who was born, made love, slept soundly, had dreams and who died in this lovely bed.
New home and waiting to be polished.

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