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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jaw Bone

This is the jaw bone of a little newborn deer.
I saw the mother fussing over it.
It was either still born or died shortly after birth.
It had been picked up and dropped by an eagle
who had torn it's belly open,

Sad. Precious. But the way of nature that I am learning more in the
forest on this little island.

Some things, no matter how sweet, simply don't survive.

These little bones will be sent to the painter, Corey Matthews. She and I exchange these things.
She was trained as a biologist. But she paints beautifully.

I need to document my bone collection. I have so many. Started as a child when I was digging for fossils
while spending weekends with my grandparents near Drumheller.
Still born baby Black Tail Deer jawbone and teeth. Size of a five dollar bill torn in half.

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