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Monday, June 23, 2014

Loading the Globes

The piano is here and I spent most of the day trying to learn to play John Lennon's song "Imagine".

And then I was looking at the piano and some of my art that is starting to crawl into the main living area at Sweethaven. The domes peaked out somewhere near the buffet. They migrated to the top of the piano waiting to be loaded. Art out of storage once again.

I am so tired this week. Cancer seems like nothing but a weight over my being.

I woke up and just missed Tim. The energetic buzz we were before cancer knocked us both over. Our sensuality. The purposefulness of raising our family and connecting.
We talked about how hard we both tried to make this work and be happy and that mostly that was the truth.
He said he would tell anyone who asked that we had this happy, happy marriage that allowed for growth and a real life. And time to bake bread. And that he was never bored one single day with me. I didn't know that.

This weekend I made his favourite kind of food. A chicken and garlic scape pie. A huge kale and pickled beet salad. Nice wine. Berries and mango in Grand Marnier and pepper.

He has never stopped loving the Beatles. When he gets back to Sweethaven I hope I can play "Imagine".

Globes in the sandy fish tank.

Egg and nest. Felted poly . Machine embroidery  It is opaque.

Globes on the piano waiting to be loaded with my little sculptures.

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