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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happening Fast

This week has felt like a tornado. The work for the new shows is now started, support staff have been hired and people have come in to help me organize the studio.

Hilary and I met to figure out the time frames. We have had deadlines since day one. Maggie Manning came and helped me organize stuff in the studio as a gift. Her daughter Cara, starts working with us on Tuesday.

Hilary breezes through tasks. I give her a task and she figures out how to do it better and more efficiently. She cut out my designs and templates for lichen. First the patterns are cut out of hard paper and then ironed on to freezer paper. She made little templates out of tin. There are six patterns in different sizes that are interchangeable for an almost endless variety of construction possibilities. I am going to sample them on a moss green velvet on a heat altered polyester.

Cara is going to come in an make skeletons for larger sculptural pieces. She has a background in sculpture and jewelry and she wants to learn more about textiles.

I am pleased with the energy created by working with others in the space. I will need to become a little less social. Less talking and more work. Sounds like my old report card from school!

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Pamela said...

Hello Patricia
I met you briefly at the culture crawl.. I am currently in the position of artistic manager for public dreams society and we are working to support the creation of a lunar festival with the Taiwanese community. 5 Taiwanese artists from the National Taiwanese Craft Research Institute will be in town creating installations for the event (Feb 5th). They would like to have the opportunity to meet some local artists and to visit their studios between the dates of Jan 23 - 27th. I am wondering if you might be interested and available.. You can reach me at 604.879.8611.