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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lunar Festival.

The week has been so full. Cara and Hilary are now working flat out and I am still sorting the studio and figuring out the next steps. Marie is working with me starting on Monday to help pull together some of the more practical work in exchange for skills.

Today has been spent pulling together a show package for "Red" at the Artisan Gallery.
Luckily found almost all the images of the work and am reworking the portfolio. Patching together some older artists statements because they still aply to this work. This can be more fun than I thought.

Cara stitched stitched a huge piece of bark coloured poly into a huge piece of pleats. It took her two solid days of hand stitching. I can hardly bear to burn it. We figured out how to stitch the turkey fan mushrooms. Hilary painted the transfer dye sheets and they work great for background, additional colour and varigation. I sampled the first piece in ivory, smoky grey and rust on both organza and a thick poly satin. It burnt beautifully and is potential birch bark.

Cara helped me figue out a weighted support for the ten foot works. I showed it to Tim and he can build it. She also showed me how to do joins for the skeleton. I have decided on the skeleton spine structures. easy peasy and fun.

Next week the National Taiwanese Craft Institue are coming for a studio visit and skills exchange. Five instructors. Two hours. They are here for the Lunar Festival and want to collaborate with other artists. They make extremely complex and animated lanterns and light sculptures.

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