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Monday, December 21, 2009


Tim, my partner, says that Christmas is always like a reckoning for him and it makes him grumpy to go back over all the stuff that he is reminded of this time of year. We have both been anxious and grumpy but decided to take the bull by the horns and just get on with it!

We will get to see all of our children at some point this season. We will also get to see some good friends, have a little feast and celebrate what we have accomplished this year.

List of accomplishments

1. Had a couple of shows using new techniques.
2. Have at least one show booked in the near future.
3. Won the Top 40 for 40 years at the Textile Arts Department at Capilano University and it was unanimous!
4. Moved out on my own for a few months and ran my own life and two art galleries, learned to avoid bugs, chop wood and haul groceries for miles.
5. Made new friends in a far away place and they still call me and write.
6. Figured out how to make a few new things including a solar oven.
7. Found three places in the world I want to be besides here and have the imagination to accomplish it.
8. Stayed fairly well and fairly happy.
9. Maintained my relationship for another year.
10. Stayed sane in a crazy making situation.
11. Learned to pee in a bucket standing up.
12. Learned how to use a needle punch and an embellisher.
13. Made money on the stock market by using my own advice and instincts!
14. Kept my studio going.
15. Made new art friends and a new creative circle.
16. Learned to recognise a difficult situation before it became too bad and got out!
17. Spoke out!
18. Set up banking systems, credit systems, etc,etc, without any help from my brainy man.
19. Forgave someone I wasted my energy on and let them go!
20. Chased off a bear!!!!
21. Sent a few old things on their way.
22. Lost some weight.
23. Got stronger.
24. Walked in a forest path at night by myself.
25. Watched and listened instead of being the only one to talk.
26. Tried to be a grown-up even if it was hard and not always a success.
27. Mentored and gave advice to a young person.
28. Included tiny children in my life.
29. Confronted injustice.
30. Figured out resin, fiberglass and root systems.
31. Continued to experiment and learn.

A positive reckoning is better than the grumoy stuff. For now I am just going to cuddle up and pretend it is warm. Only eight weeks until spring!!!!

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