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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boogie Men

It is about 4:30 in the morning and which means wakefulness at an inappropriate time. This morning was cracked open by about eight males and one female screaming at each other in Spanish. I usually let it go for a little while to see what is happening. This time it just escalated and a face-off ensued which means that a weapon is probably involved. The screaming escalated and I called the cops, who arrived pronto with three paddy wagons.

The call meant I had to try and describe details about a situation I wanted to avoid.
"Screaming woman...Come quick!" "What is she wearing?" Can't see her except in shadow through the fog." 'How many people are there?" "Lots of people" "Do they have a weapon?" "Maybe" "Can you see the weapon?" "Nope" "Can you still here screaming?" "Yup" "What are they saying?" "Something in Spanish that I can't understand" "How do you know she is in trouble?" "She is screaming in distress, the he's are screaming in rage, things are getting pounded on, people sound afraid" "Nevermind the paddy wagon is here" "Stay on the line" "Still screaming" "We will need to get a statement the police will be by when they can" "Does that mean I have to stay up?"

So I wait after another adrenalin filled sleepless night and I just want to go to bed.
I wish I could sleep through this shite, but I can't. I can only sleep through some of it.
I hope they don't come back tonight.

Cocoa anyone?


Anonymous said...

Where bouts in Vancouver are you? We spent three weeks in Vancouver in the trailer park under the bridge last fall. The traffic looked awful. I keep wondering how traffic is going to be handled during the Olympics. When one sees cars at a standstill for hours one begins to wonder "what were they thinking!" Perhaps it is all worked out, I'm very happy I don't have to drive through though.

material witness said...

I am a commited inner city girl. We live in the Grandview area which is near Commercial Drive.
Commercial Drive is near the Downtown Eastside.
Our community is not looking forward to the Olympics. Vancouver has so many challenges right now.
I didn't even know we had a trailer park under the bridge. I will have to go check and see where it or they are.
Things worked out just fine!

arlee said...

Congrats on your show at the Numen--wish i could see it!

material witness said...

Thanks Arlee! Wish you could see it too! Will publish photos soon.