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Friday, January 8, 2010

Morphos Inquiry

Each part of life changes. Each day is new but you can still stick to your plan.

I am excited about the show. I have worked with more sculptural forms and with more challenging materials and have kept experimenting. Wasp paper and nests, resin, hand stitching and materials made by insects and including insects. Natural methods and materials are the most satisfying. The handstitching was the most challenging because I am now blind in one eye and the other needs surgery. So there are beads and feathers, mineral and plant dyed silks, burnt fabrics, touches of the natural worls , tiny shoes and corsets made from skeletal forms.

I was scattered but able to make a dozen little things to be displayed under glass domes and in tiny exotic boxes. I could make boxes forever. the whole show can be packed into one box!!!

Now I have enough ideas to work for a lifetime. Thanks to Darwin, A.S. Byatt, Jung, and Nabakov.

The phone rang and it was the surgeon offering me surgery for tomorrow, I turned it down because the show is happening on Saturday at Numen Gallery. New surgery date is February 16. Hooray.

Happy New Year and may you understand you can cope with how ever it turns out!

Peace and love!

Please drop by the opening and enjoy the new work!


Marchi Wierson said...

Hi. I have featured your writing from this post, morphos inquiry, in my blog today, with links back to your blog. If this is not ok with you please let me know!

best wishes!!

material witness said...

Thank you so much. I think that is just great.