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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I was faced with the incredible passions of horny squirrels this morning. They are running all over the place and are making the biggest spectacle of themselves. Buds are popping out on the trees and the first cherry tree started showing today. Snow drops are everywhere and the robins are singing. Spring is just around the corner. I can't wait!

I didn't really have the kind of spring that I usually experience in Vancouver. I was in wells last April and the snow stayed around until nearly June. It was deep and cold. I felt like this year has been one long winter. But spring is showing up. It is early and very welcome.

Tim is waiting for his surgery date. I have mine. I go under the knife on Feb. 16. That is just a day or so after I dismantle the Morphus show at Numen.

It seems all my memberships are up. I need to renew them and hope I can scrape together some coin to do it. It really is rude to take part in things and not pay. So I will unfreeze the credit card and take the duct tape off my wallet and just pay.

Lunch tomorrow with Vivian Bowman. Should be inspiring. Glad "I get some time with her before she goes to Austrailia. Karen Mac Kenzie Brydon has already left for her Deepak Chopra thing in California. I heard from Corey Hardeman. She is a wonderful painter from Wells and is now living in yurt with her three babes and husband Michael. These aren't sunny weather yurt dwellers. They are doing it north of Prince George B.C. It sounds like the town of Wells got together and helped them build the yurt. She says she is painting lots and that must mean it is warm enough to keep the paint viable.

I miss everyone up there but I like being warm. I might just go for a visit.

I have saved enough money to buy a place in my favourite town in England. A scary place.


sjagar said...

Hi there,
I am a close friend of Corey Hardeman's. About 18 months ago she decided to drop off the face of the earth, and left a few of us quite concerned for her well-being. I can't believe she is living in a yurt! Wonderful and amazing and I am SOOOO happy she is still painting. Please tell her Sam misses her and sends her love. She'll know who I am.

material witness said...

How lovely that you left a note for Corey. She is doing great and is in a contented little nest with her babies. I will pass on your message.

material witness said...

Just in case it is sjagar that checks this post. Corey is great and she has a new baby named Milo. She is living in Wells with her babies, ponies, Michael and art. She spends time between her yurt, a house trailer and a beautiful geodesic dome our friend Roger built. She puts her canvas on the door of the yurt and paints away just beautifully. No one I know has an excuse not to do art after seeing her determination.
She is even more beautiful than ever.
Michael has the black smith contract in Barkerville for 5 years so I think they will stay.