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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Marchi Made It.

I was introduced to a delightful blog written by Marchi Wierson from Portland, Oregon in the last week or so. Delighted to see that she is a reader of this blog.

Marchi plays with felt, ideas and writes in her blog to introduce her own work and the work of other artists. I really like her simple and straight forward pieces which are no doubt far more complicated to create. Some of her work takes on a reptilian surface. Her colour choices are delicious and range from pastels to earth tones.

Marchi also introduces us to a range of others who are very inspiring.

Worth checking out this thoughtful and well done blog. www.marchiwierson.blogspot.com

Check out her etsy page www.MarchiMadeIt.etsy.com while you are at it and buy some of her work.

1 comment:

Marchi Wierson said...

thanks so much for mentioning my blog. I just found it as I was checking my google search. Very happy surprise!!!