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Thursday, December 24, 2009


I got my first surprise this morning when I opened up a facebook invitation to be friends. The invitation indicated the person was friends with some of my family members in Texas. I allowed the friend in and opened up his?her ?message. It was an image of a gun pointed into my face, a message about liberals and pictures of people doing war in Iraq. I noted to myself that I had a family member in the military in Texas and the link leads there.

Here is old news. I am likely more liberal than most people you have ever met. I call myself left wing, feminist and progressive environmentalist. I love Jews and Fags. I hate this war. I do not, however, hate you. You need help and more love. We may share blood and heritage but our ancestors fought for justice not bigotry. I challenge your idea of what traditional is. Our shared ancestor did the legal argument for Amistad. His father signed the Constitution of your country and made sure that religious freedom applied and didn't mean religious domination or fanaticism. He was a Congregationalist and a Unitarian. So, just to let you know...your family tradition doesn't include this awful bigotry. I hope you come back from this war alive. I hope your mother doesn't have to suffer for your glory. There is hope for everyone.

So...my wish for you this Christmas is that you have a chance to grow out of frightened adolescence. Your life will present you with many real monsters that you will have to fight.
Learn to fight them with your wit and intelligence. Develop your brain. Develop empathy and compassion.

Peace on Earth.

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