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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cold, Colder, Coldest!

I am trying to pack for my winter trip to Fort Nelson which is so far below zero it is unimaginable! Instead of leaving my long johns, warm socks, sweaters and boots I made the stupid decision to drag them back to Vancouver. I need to carry up some dressier clothes to attend a company party. Black lace long johns perhaps? I will settle on layers of velvet. This means I have to wear lots and boil on the way to Vancouver Airport or freeze on the plane and unpack the warmies at the airport in the deep freeze of Fort Nelson.

I am proud of carrying my own bags but these ones are pretty heavy this time. The final visit is for at least a week with a further trip into Wells which is rumoured to have 3 or 4 feet of snow already. Things need to be packed that don't normally get packed because there is further trip of many miles through the frozen and icy roads. Dressing for extreme cold can mean survival if anything goes wrong. A good idea for comfort at the very least.

Leaving early in the morning and flying in a tiny, intimate plane. Hours in the air. And home to the Fort Nelson apartment and one of Tim's hot stews and diving into a bed piled with huge quilts. Dressed in long johns, t shirts and socks. I really am such a wuss when it comes to the cold.

I sleep like a log in the North. Completely conk out! Dream crazy inspiring dreams. Wake up completely lost and disoriented every time.

But the reward is the beauty surrounding Fort Nelson, lovely people and parties with food that Northern people make with treats of moose meat, northern char, incredible sweets and drink.They also make every other kind of delicious food.

Will get to buy the new babies real soft and beautiful baby moccassins and hopefully some tiny coats. I think there might even be a craft fair or two!

This is probably my last visit to Fort Nelson for a long time. Tim has thrived there. He is strong and feels a huge sense of accomplishment and has made wonderful new friends. The irony being that we will have a holiday meal with some lovely Newfoundlanders. Like so many family holiday meals but without my own Newfoundland Grandfather. I hope I remember at least one of the songs.

Will try and take a lot of Northern pictures. And share them as I can.

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