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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It Is Now Official!!!

Jackson's Mommy and Daddy one week before Jackson's birth

Uncle Brendan

Brand new Mommy Breanne and doggy Gustopher

Aunty Megs having her bonding moment

Mr. Perfection Hurley

Mr. Hurley's new onesie.

Flowers for mommy

It is now official. My new name is Grandma Pat.

This was something I was not expecting as a step mother. I was prepared to be called anything Jackson wanted. I met him tonight for the first time. I was the first to hold him after we arrived. I melted , of course, and bonded immediately to this little tiny baby. He snuggled right in and nuzzled immediately. His mother and father trusted me to hold him. Even the skittish little dog, Gustopher, relaxed and snuggled into the crook of my arm. Me and baby and doggy in complete bliss!

We all passed him back and forth. Drowned his parents in presents. Quilts, chocolates, flowers, and Hurley and Oona onesies and food. Fed each other in a ritual that has always been there. Baby meets his extended family. Family immediately make their pledges of love and protection to him.

I overheard a radiant Megan introducing herself as his Aunty Megs. Brendan held him and experienced that wonderful flash of bonding to a tiny one. Stephen smiled every single time one of us held his boy and his beloved Breanne. Breanne exhibited confidence and competence unusual in a first time mother with a 3 day old infant. Still beautiful despite 3 sleepless nights.

I went to sign his card when I was leaving from Grandpa Tim and Pat. I explained to Steph why I did that. That I wanted to acknowledge his own mother and that Jackson could call me whatever he wanted. Lovely Steph looked me in the eye and explained he will call me Grandmother or Gramma or Granny. That he didn't give a damn about the politics and exclusion that came before. I was Jackson's Granny. And that is that! And is now who I am!

And Tim may be up North but he is phoning and e-mailing constantly. Saying unlikely gushy things like "My boy has just had a bath!" like Jackson was the only baby who had ever had a bath. He has become as silly as the rest of us. Maybe even sillier. Like a good Grandfather.

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