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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jackson Decided To Arrive A Little Early!

Today Jackson Stephen Hurley arrived on this little planet. He decided to come early and in a hurry. He is a big strapping boy at nearly nine pounds. Broad shoulders, big head, long body. He has already done what good babies do. His APGAR Score is excellent. His poor Momma was in labour for only 1 1/2 hours and dealt with all that meant. So he exploded into the world. Shocking and humbling his jaded para-medic father.

I had a baby like that. In under 2 hours. Never under estimate the impact of short labour. But babies come however they come. Despite our planning. And then there they are!! Fully human. Hypnotic. Beyond amazing. Living their new life. Negotiating a place in this universe.

So Tim is now a grandfather. My step son Steph is a proud and protective father and Breanne is a beautiful mother. I am waiting to find out my role. Perhaps loving elder or ... this little boy will decide what to call me on his own.

I will get to meet him a little later. I can't wait!

So much for peace and quiet. Amazing new life wins out every time.

Pictures coming.

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