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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Running With Scissors.

I got to spend most of the day with my wonderful niece Michelle. She is one of those accomplished young women who has figured out her priorities quite young.

She is a very accomplished horse woman who is now a champion side saddle rider. She is winning prizes everywhere. Her love of historic costume is definitely a result of my influence. So is her love of vintage and antique cloth and clothing. Junking is our shared passion with her cousin Brie. The two of them have nearly absconded all of my antique clothing and some of my jewellery.

Her sensitivity is defined by such clear borders it astounds me. I now ask her for advice about things. Our relationship is so easy and fun.

I have been very blessed in the niece department. Thank goodness because I only had sons and brothers. All of them are amazing to me and I am close to the bunch. Each one is strong, smart and compassionate for the most part. Two are now Mommies and have given me wonderful great nieces.

How nice is it to spend time sitting with a little girl and showing them to thread a needle and sew. I remember learning that from my Grandfather. Just the thrill of seeing two pieces of cloth joined together to become something else. To make a little doll or a little pocket. Thrilled to death to get to make the sewing machine run. And to receive scraps from leftovers for quilts and embellishment or pony blankets.

I also showed all the boys to sew. Dane and Bren could operate a needle by three. Chris made a complete doll at seven. Stephen helped repair his teddy. Each one of them would cuddle and watch me sew. Contrary to popular belief boys also love to sew. Former generations of men in our family have been involved in cloth production or sheep ranching.

Michelle is interested in historic riding costumes and consults with a costumer named LaFlamme. She went to museums in England and Scotland to look at textiles and designs.
She is now an instructor at a college and focuses on a scientific profession. But she loves cloth.

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