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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Sample for Proliferation Project. My work and experimentation.
Proliferation Project  photo research with Tim Hurley and I     photo Tim Hurley
Rust Gardens   Tim Hurley and I   photo Patricia Chauncey
A collaborative solar oven made in Wells for natural dye projects.  photo Tim Hurley
A film collaboration with Krisztina Egyed and Ivan Hughes    photo Jim Heagan
I am lucky to have had the opportunity to be involved in a few collaborations with other artists through time. The successful ones happened because both people involved were committed to a time frame, had a similar vision, had a place to accomplish work and understood what it is required to go from fantasy to actualization. The unsuccessful ones were an exercise in power struggle, defensive behaviour, a difference in skill and access to resources. The disastrous ones were defined by lack of commitment, passive aggressive avoidance and an outright theft of ideas.

 I've thought about it a lot over the last few days while trying to decide to end all efforts regarding a project that I was initially excited about. Collaboration is not like an ordinary work experience. It is of self for the people involved. It requires commitment, lots of communication and down and dirty effort. Real work that is personal, vulnerable and sometimes completely exhausting. Shared. Doesn't matter if it is only created for the participants or shared in a public way.

Double Vision-Morphos Inquiry Invitation Photo Scott Pownall   

 I loved doing the "Morphos Inquiry" show with Hilary Young, producing a work called "Stones" with Charles Wilson and the "Homeless Show" with a number of DTES artists and activists a number of years ago. I am asked to collaborate with very exciting artists. Some of them are international and high level and some have work or ideas that are so exciting I am kept up at night percolating my own. I think carefully about doing it. I want it to add to my creative repertoire and experience. To share all of what making my art means to me and to learn from another artist. It is huge gift of myself. More now than ever. My time to do all this now is so very constrained and limited. Sharing it is more important than ever.


Abigail Doan said...

So amazing, as always. I miss our occasional dialogues. Best wishes for 2013, talented friend.

material witness said...

I guess we haven't communicated in little while. Time seems to escape me these days.

I have loved reading the chronicles of your amazing life, inspiration, art and travels and have enjoyed watching your sons grow up.

Best wishes to you too!

And more conversations in the future.