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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bird Wings

Roman Bath mosaic floor Louvre Photo Tim Hurley 2007

Bird dreams always startle me. Superstition taught me that a dream of a bird or an actual bird in the house was a warning of a death. I had a very vivid dream last night about a little bird that flew into my room.

The bird was tiny with a grey covering of feathers but an undercoat of brilliant yellow, green and red feathers. It was like a humming bird. It was trying to fly but was only circling on the ground. One wing was out and fully extended. It was very distressed.

I tried to catch it but it became even more frenzied. I was afraid it would hurt itself. I grabbed my Indian silk scarf and tried to net it. It became trapped in the cloth. The little wing came off with the attempt at assistance. People around kept telling me to leave it alone. They were unconvincing. The bird was in pain and continued its circular dance. It kept trying to fly with great effort but one wing can't fly.

I sat and watched its unbearable struggle.

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