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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Fimo bugs and Chrysalis Arlee Barr
Image was shamelessly stolen without permission by Patricia Chauncey

Arlee Barr made the most delicious little beings!!!!

They are exquisite little embellishments or beads and they make me drool. I can see the internals wiggling inside the diaphanous tiny bodies. The chryslalids measure 1"- 2" and are made from Fimo, Dollar Store and Junk.
She has managed to produce beautiful objects for her fibre challenges while drowning in Valentine's Day as a florist.
Speaking of super women ... Abigail Doan was writing an article with one finger while simultaneously nursing twin baby boys. An accomplishment rarely achieved!
I managed to climb out of bed today and entertain my son at breakfast, feed everyone dinner and do the dishes. Trust me....nothing else was possible.

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arlee said...

You Bagatelli! :} NOW you have my permission to show them! lol I loves my bugs i does.